One-stop Mobile App for managing the details, appointments, and records of your pets

PetMatrix App

PetMatrix is a mobile app available in North America, India and other countries for pet owners and pet related establishments to keep record of the pets with them and track and get alert on due dates. It's available in both iOS & Android devices.


Share your photos and videos with friends and followers in a photo feed, or send posts directly to your friends. Follow what your friends post with the click of a single button. Every time you open up Instagram, you'll see new photos and videos from your closest friends, and creative people from around the world.
  • Free custom designed filters

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  • High definition video recording

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  • Instant sharing to Facebook

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Mark Zuckerberg
“I love this app, it's probably my favourite social net working site, everything works well and the filters are good, my only concern is on direct message when somebody comments on your video/photo you always have to go onto it and refresh it to be able to find out if anybody had commented or liked."
Nirmal Baba
"Perfect Now I can show people all of my food!!! Just kidding, app is really great for showing some of important moments from your life. Now this being said, please return squared profile pictures, those circles don't really cut it."

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